At the Moose

Greetings fellow Moose members! Exciting news, our piers are in and waiting for boat traffic. If this isn't a sure sign of Spring, I don't know what is!!!!

Also, congratulations to our newly elected officers. 

On the woman's side
Service Regent - Karen Shane
Junior Regent - Diane Landis
Junior Graduate - Amy Shaffer
Secretary/Treasurer - Sonya Morgan
Recorder - Cheryl Brown

And on the men's side
Governor - Rick Markley
Junior Governor - Kiel Williams
Prelate - David Brash
Treasurer - Austin Shephard
Trustee - John Green

We recently had two events at the Lodge and they both were a smashing success! First, Mindy's Thursday meal was delicious and helped raise a tidy sum for our Lodge. Thanks to Mindy, Haley, Brenda, Karen and Laura for all the help in the kitchen. Also, a big thank you to all who helped make the children's Easter party a great event. The social quarters were packed with egg hunting kids who appeared to be having the time of their lives!!! 

Have you heard about the $1000.00 drawing? Friday, April 17, we will be having a $1000.00 drawing at the Lodge. Tickets are available from any officer or from your bartenders.

Factoid # 15  If you dug a tunnel through the center of Earth, jumped in, and let gravity pull you through, it would take you 38 minutes and 11 seconds to reach the other side!!!

Great News
Our cookbooks are finished and in our Lodge.
They are GREAT.
The price is $12 and it is going to help purchase playground equipment.
Contact the lodge or Debbie Tyler or Mindy Schwarte and they will be happy to get you one. Or stop by the Lodge and pick one up.
This is a great project to help buy playground equipment.

WOTM 1684

You need to turn in
 your volunteer
 hours and mileage
for this year. 
This is for all members of the WOTM
To Karen Collins or Ilene Howard

Moose Family Center Children’s Fund

Monetary donations are used for fun activities for Moose member’s families. Several children’s parties are held each year, such as: Easter, Halloween, Back-To-School and Christmas. Other activities include: game day, craft parties and even rides in an restored antique fire engine.

Moose Family Center Building Fund

After years of faithful service the Lodge went through a much needed facelift this year. New windows, siding and roof have transformed our leaky building into the queen of Lake Manitou once again. New signage and a coat of paint on the retaining wall have added that final touch that should make all members proud. Now that the exterior is complete we have moved onto remodeling projects of the interior. With the roof repaired and no more leaks the Ladies restroom along with the Lobby Entrance and Administrators office ceiling have been repaired and redecorated. Please consider donating your time, supplies, expertise or monetary contributions to help further our ongoing quest to renovate this Rochester & Lake Manitou landmark.

Social Quarters Hours:

Monday-Thursday 11AM to 10PM
Friday and Saturday 11AM to 11PM
Open Sundays - 12 Noon to 8PM
Phone: 574-223-3914


The Moose Family Center #1107
is located on beautiful Lake Manitou in Rochester, Indiana

Local Lodge History by Jack K. Overmyer

The West Side Hotel in 1908

Manitou Lodge 1107, Loyal Order of Moose, was organized 93 years ago on August 30, 1912, at the Eagles Hall which was located on the top floor of the Zimmerman Brothers Furniture Store, southwest corner of Main and Sixth Street.

The lodge quite likely continued to meet at the Eagles Hall until February 20, 1917, when the Moose purchased for its home the second floor of the building at 116 East Eighth Street, now occupied by The Rochester Sentinel.

The second floor was bought for $1,600 from the Redmen Lodge which was becoming inactive after 12 years. In only four years of existence, the Moose had 187 members and was one of the city’s largest organizations.

On January 15, 1924, the Moose purchased the two-story Academy of Music building at the southwest corner of Main and Fifth Streets for its lodge home. A new heating system and electric lights for the entire building were to be installed.

The lodge paid about $5,000 to the estate of William Davidson who had built the Academy of Music in 1875. For more than 40 years it was the theatrical center of the city, hosting touring actors and entertainers. The lodge occupied the upper floor of the building, renting the lower floor to retail businesses. On October 25, 1941, the Moose purchased the Manitou Lodge building on the north shore of Lake Manitou from Mrs. Edna Foy and remodeled it for the lodge home.

Its location is the site today of the Jasper Dulin residence. In 1948, the West Side Hotel was put up for sale, having been a fixture on the lake for 70 years. Moose officials seized this opportunity to give lodge members a permanent home, which in fact it has become.